Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Foot Locker Art Prize entry 2011

'Organic'                                                                      Click image to enlarge
I know that this is not a cake but I did warn you that I would be blogging about art and photoshop as well as all things cake!

This is my entry for the Foot Locker Art Prize and you can visit the competition website here.

I started by painting in watercolour on an A4 sheet of watercolour paper and once it was totally dry I went back over the painting with pen and ink with some of my usual kind of doodles.

Next, I scanned my image into photoshop and played around with the doodled areas in the liquify filter using the 'Bloat' tool. I was looking for an organic look, of say, intestines or varicose veins or the arteries around the heart or other interesting internal body parts!

Then I started playing with filters and effects such as Invert, Colourise and Neon glow.

Neon Glow
Too much fun!

As you can see I duplicated the background layer and rotated it by 180 degrees then reduced the opacity to 50% and rubbed out any bits that were crossing over each other. Lots of other little tweaks took place till I was happy with this.

Finished art work
Nike Air Template

I used the selection tool to select each area of the sneaker in turn, filling in the heel and ankle areas with desaturated panels from the edge of my original art work and used the 'Fresco' filter on the patterned bottom edge. I dodged and burned the edges of each area and added a shadow around the lace holes

Once I had flattened the layers making up the sneaker, I used layer style / blending options / bevel and emboss to give the sneaker a 3D look and Outer Glow / dark purple to help pick out the sneaker from the patterned background.

Too easy!
You can view more of my digital art and photography here

Below is another of my crazy entries to the competition called 'Fractal Foot Fetish' and was produced using fractal-generating software. A fractal is based on a mathematical equation that undergoes iteration.

Please leave a comment if you would like me to explain anything further.

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