Saturday, February 12, 2011

Make and Use my Cookie Dough Leveller Tutorial

Would you like to know how to roll out your cookie dough in seconds? 
Would you like all your cookies to be the same thickness?
Well read on and find out how it's done.......

Alasdair made this frame for me out of 1" x 1" 90 degree angle wooden edging available at Bunnings (Oz) and B&Q (UK).
Using my chopping board as the base he stuck 4 lengths together to make a frame. The two long sides have the 90 degree angle facing upwards as a guide for my rolling pin and the two short sides have the angle facing downwards to hold tight to my chopping board so that the frame does not move when I roll out the cookie dough.
The gap is set at 3/16th of an inch which is the thickness I like my cookies.

I use a layer of greaseproof paper under the cookies and another layer on top

Cut out cookies while still on the board and then lift off using a spatula.

Gothic brushes from Obsidian Dawn used in this little Photoshop creation.


  1. what a cool those cookies too!!!

  2. Your cookies are beautiful and the cookie roller is amazing. I will be making one so that my cookies will all be the same thickness - I have been trying to workout what to do but had not come up with anything as stable as yours. Thank you also for your very detailed tutorials - I love them.