Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fondant Bows

This is the tutorial I watched before making the bow on my Hannah Montana cake. My first attempt was too narrow but when I cut out a wider strip of sugar-paste all was well.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hannah Montana Cake

I made this cake earlier this month and thought you might like to know how it was done?

  1. I used the Planet Cake recipe for dark chocolate Mud Cake then torted  and covered it in dark chocolate ganache also from Planet Cake. Click here for Planet Cake Recipe for dark chocolate mud cake.
  2. I covered the cake in white sugar paste from Bakels and covered the board with it in one go i.e. I cut out a circle of sugar paste that would cover the cake and the board then just shaped it all to fit with my hands. and made the bow using a tutorial on YouTube. 
  3. I found an image of Hannah Montana on Google images and also the Hannah Montana logo. Using Photoshop I put the two images together and used 'Stroke' to make 3 pink outlines around her to match the colours in the cake. Click here to find those images.
  4. For 'Lexi' I picked a font on Photoshop and curved it then printed it out. Next I traced the letters onto tracing paper and used a pin to transfer the outline onto the cake. I piped the outline in pink Royal Icing using a No 1 nozzle and flooded the centres using a larger nozzle.
  5. Flowers and stars were made from sugar paste using small metal cutters and piped on top with white Royal Icing dots. The covered wires were inserted into the flowers and stars before they dried.
  6. Finally I trimmed the edge of the cake board with matching pink satin ribbon attaching it all the way round with very thin double sided sticky tape used by scrap-bookers.
This cake was 7" diameter and looked really cute and girlie. I hope I have explained things well. Please contact me if you need more information.